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Lion Rapide Motorcycles

Made in Belgium
from 1936 to 1953

A Brief History of the Marque

Built by Steveninck & Sons of Aalst in Flanders, who also made bicycles and built Salira motorcycles. Some models were equipped with JLO engines, including 250cc twins.

Wed Oct 31 2007

mit.scorpio at skynet.be

lion rapide 98cc 1949

je vous envoi la photos de ma lion rapide , moteur villiers MK1F 98cc

I send you the photos of my Lion Rapide, Villiers MK1F 98cc engine


Fri Dec 29 2006
alicia.belaire at tele2.be
demande de renseignement lion-rapide 1954 (jlo 250cc)
bonjour ,je possède une lion-rapide de1954 équipée d un moteur jlo de 250cc de cylindre la moto est complète et je désirerais la restaurée j aimerais trouver une photo de l emblème lion-rapide ainsi que des adresse pour refaire le chrome du pot d échappement et du guidon ,merci de bien vouloir m aider bien a vous DELLA TORRE OLIVIER
huy (belgique)

Rough Translation: I have a 1954 Lion-Rapide with a 250cc JLO engine which I wish to restore. I'd like to find a photo of the Lion-Rapide emblem and an address for someone who will rechrome the handlebars [and something else]. Many thanks.

Tue May 09 2006
drpoczik.szilveszter at chello.hu
LION RAPIDE engine without skeleton

Dear Friends!

I have an old friend who is dealing with collection and reconstruction of old motorcycles. Now he has got an engine block and supposes it must be the block of a LION RAPIDE or LION ROUGE produced in Belgium in period around 1930 but he is not sure. Attached: some photos of the engine. Could you please help us to identify the engine and the skeleton that belonged to the engine originally? The next question is if such a skeleton without engine could be bought anywhere or there is any other way to unify the engine with the proper skeleton.

Best regards,

Szilveszter Póczik
Budapest, Hungary

Wed Sep 28 2005

johny.lambrechts at pandora.be
Lion Rapide

Dear, I send you a picture of a 1950 Lion Rapide with 200 cc Villier engine for completing your collection

Mon Aug 22 2005
RM2 at chello.be
Lion Rapide2

Belgian Motorcycle Factory : Steveninck & Sons ( Aalst in Belgium )

"Lion Rapide" : from 1936 - until 1953 
Assembled machines with 98cc to 247cc Villiers and Ilo 2 stroke engines 
and also some machines with the 347cc FN engine.

If you have a query or information about Lion Rapide motorcycles please contact us