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Salira 1955 Advert

Z.150, A.150, A.201, L.250, S.250

Historical Snippet

Manufactured: Aalst, Belgium

From 1955 until the early 1960s Salira assembled machines using Villiers engines of 98cc to 197cc capacity. They also offered a simplified configuration of the Lion Rapide 250cc JLO twin with tank, wheel rims and exhaust painted rather than chromed, thus lowering the price by a few thousand Belgian francs.

Their advertisements used the motto "Salira, de Volksmoto aan Volkssprijzen"

Models include:

  • A.150 1955 Villiers
  • Z.150 1955 Villiers
  • Z.201 1955 Villiers
  • A.201 1955 Villiers
  • L.201 1955 Villiers
  • S.250 1955 250cc JLO Twin
  • L.250 1955 250cc JLO Twin
  • S.50 1956 Moped
  • S.L.50 1956 Moped
  • L.50 c.1957 Moped
  • After 1962 Salira built fuel heaters.

    The firm was associated with Lion Rapide

    Sources: correspondence

    massimo.pessot at gmail.com
    I would like to have more informations about this moto. I have one, without papers and plaque and i would like to sell, but i don ' t know the quotation.

    Année 1955
    Bonjour, j'ai une moto Salira Villiers de 1955, j'aimerai un peu plus d'information sur celles-ci pour pouvoir la restauréee
    Pouvez-vous me renseigner ? merci beaucoup
    Stella Tebaldi

    Year 1955
    Hello, I have a motorcycle Salira Villiers of 1955, I will like a little more information on these to be able to the restored
    Can you give some information ? thank you so much
    Stella Tebaldi

    Sun, 20 Aug 2017
    markusmay at gmx.de
    Hauptstra..e 34 Salira 197ccm engine?

    Hello to everyone, i have a salira found in the basement of my grandpas house. I am really interestet in informations about the secondary chain and the parts witch are needed to rebuilt the clutch and other things more. I would be quite happy if someone could help me out with some pictures or scales and inches. There are absolutaly no informations about this rare motocycle in Germany. Thank you for the answer probably. I can send further pictures of my bike to the helping peoples.
    Markus May
    Mainaschaff 63814 Germany

    • The engine is most likely a Villiers. Please supply engine number and photos.

    I am really happy that there is someone who is able to help me out. I send you a few pictures. I can send more. Thank you for your time and knowledge!
    Markus May

      Images posted in Comments.
      Engine number shows 890 (remainder obscured, but reads 890E), ID plate shows 36 890. So far no data on Villiers 890 has come to light.

    Sun Oct 23 2011
    roue avant
    salira 200cc
    bojour je recherche une rou avant compl├ęte de salira 200cc

    Wed Jan 10 2007
    pierre.vandepaar at scarlet.be
    Salira trial 4 vit.
    We collect Lion Rapide, Salira, Novy, Socovel and Villiers
    Lommel Belgium

    Sun Apr 16 2006
    phyl.B at hotmail.com [bounced]
    salira 200cc moteur villier
    je ne trouve pas le numero de cadre.

    Translation: I cannot find the frame number.

    Does anyone know the location of the frame number on these machines? Ed.

    Mon Aug 22 2005
    RM2 at chello.be
    "Salira" : From 1955- until early 1960's
    Assembled machines from 98cc to 197cc Villiers engines
    From 1963 on, the construction of Petrol heaters.