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Manufactured by Adrien Piedboeuf, rue de Fragnée, Liege, 1903~1904

The Piedboeuf family, originally from Leige, had lived in Germany since the beginning of the 1830s. His father, Jean Louis Piedboeuf, was very successful in industry and the family owned several substantial businesses in Dusseldorf.

Adrien. G. Piedboeuf left his family and moved to Aix-La-Chapelle, where, with Hans Aschoff, he ran an agency which sold Cudell and Métallurgique automobiles. He left that firm in 1904 and moved to Li├Ęge.

In August of 1904 Adrien registered the "Forward" brand for his motorcycle, and began production. The following year be began building automobiles, aided by his colleague Paul Henze. The brand name chosen for these in 1906 was Impéria.

In 1907 the firm moved to much larger premises in Nessonvaux, also in Liege, and there is no further mention of motorcycle production. They did however sell Adler motorcycles and MV Agusta scooters rebadged as Imperia in the 1950s.

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