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Thompson Motorcycles

Manufactured by bicycle manufacturer H. de Smet-Jouret of Geraardsbergen, the firm produced lightweight motorcycles in the early 1950s using 125cc and 175cc JLO two-stroke engines. The motorcycle venture did not last long; they continued with the cycles they had been building since 1921, and to this day.

Sources: Wikipedia NL, thompson.be

dirkvhn at hotmail dot com
Hello, I have some information and pictures from the Belgian brand Thompson.
The owner, Hector De Smet from Geraardsbergen-Belgium, of this brand was very charmed from the actrice Duane Thompson or the movie 'Sadie Thompson'.
In 1952 they made motorcycles with 125 cc and 175cc ILO-engines.
Later in the late fifthees and sixtees they made mopeds with Italian frames and Sachs-engines.
With kind regards, Dirk van Haren Noman

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