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Borgward Blitz-Karren

Developed with the designers Obermeister Dietrich Klie and Friedrich (Fritz) Kynast in 1924, the Blitz-Karren was a three-wheeled delivery van powered by a DKW 120 cc single cylinder two-stroke engine (and from 1925, JLO), with direct drive and motorcycle forks. With a payload of 250 kg and the low price of 980 marks the machine filled a gap in the market. In the first year well over a hundred of the tax and license-free carts were sold.

They were built under licence by Aufbau-Industrie Bremen G.m.b.H. who also marketed them as the Blitz.

Later in 1925 Borgward developed a Dreirad-Lieferwagen (three-wheeled delivery van) which was sold under the "Goliath" brand. The new firm also marketed the Blitz-Karren. This marked the rise of the firm to becoming the largest commercial vehicle builder in Germany.

Source: Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive

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