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All Speed Gear Syndicate

All-Speed 1907

A very light machine exhibited by the All Speed Gear Syndicate at the recent Stanley Show, and fitted with the All Speed gear and friction drive. The engine is a 1¼ h.p. Minerva.

All Speed Gear Syndicate produced motorcycles from 1907 to 1908.

  • 1907 Late that year the company announced their first motorised model, displayed at the Stanley Show. It was a bicycle fitted with a 1¼ hp Minerva engine under the downtube. The transmission was by chain to a countershaft that carried a wheel. This drove the inside of a dummy rim by friction.

    1908 Nothing more was heard of the firm after that year.

The All Speed Gear Syndicate, Ltd.
(Stand 119)

... show a 1 1/2 h.p. lightweight motor bicycle, fitted with friction drive. The transmission is by a chain from the engine to a counter-shaft ... on an arm clipped on to the gear side chain stay, on which it is hinged. On the sprocket of this wheel is a leather covered drum which runs in contact with the internal surface of a flat drum clipped on to the spokes. The sprocket, together with the leather-faced drum, is operated by means of an Autoloc lever. A sectional model of the gear is shown on the stand, and the explanation of its working will be given to all interested.

Stanley Show 1907
The Motor Cycle, November 1907

Source: Graces Guide

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