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Baines were motorcycles produced from 1901 to 1902.

Built in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, the Baines was an advanced machine for its time. It had a De Dion engine located vertically in a bicycle-type frame with braced forks. Two versions were offered - one had a clutch and direct chain-drive, the other had a belt drive and pulleys to a reduction gear at the rear wheel. Neither model had pedals.

Baines and Sons

Various mentions in The Autocar of 1901

1899 Baines and Sons (Limited), Aegir Cycle Factory, Gainsborough

1900 Baines of the Aegir Cycle Works, Gainsborough, experimenting with motors and cars.

1901 January. Details of the Baines Motor Bicycle. Mentions brothers E. A. Baines and W. A. Baines of the Central Works, Church Street, Gainsborough.[3]

1901 October. More on the motor bicycle and its tests.

N.B. There does not appear to be a relationship with William Baines, financial agent, of Great Winchester Street London, E.C., who was associated with Norris and Pennington.

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