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Chambers Engineering

Royal Mail were motorcycles produced between 1902 and 1903, by Chambers Engineering of Birmingham.

At the late-1902 Stanley show the company exhibited three machines. One had a Clement-Garrard engine mounted in a cross-framed cycle; the second had a 2¾ hp Kelecom engine and both had chain drive. The third had a vertical 3½ hp engine with outside flywheel, spray carburettor, and belt drive.

Report from the Stanley Show 1902

Chambers Engineering Co, Birmingham, show three Royal Mail motor-bicycles. Number 1 has a Clement-Garrard engine driving through chains, a cross framed cycle being used. The combination is exceedingly good.

The second pattern has a 2.75 h.p. engine in the Kelecom position, also driving through a chain. The third pattern has a 3.5 h.p. engine in a vertical position, and with outside fly wheel; spray carburetter, large petrol case, and battery tank belt drive, whilst the control is by two levers on the handlebar. This machine is a fine piece of work. The price is £50.

Motor Cycling, 26th November 1902

Source: Graces Guide