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Comery Motorcycles

Comery Motors of Vernon Road, Nottingham

  • Comery motorcycles were produced from 1919 to 1925 in a factory owned by racing motorcyclist Archie Cook.[1] They were the design of W. Comery who had been Chief Engineer at Raleigh - responsible for the successful spring-frame flat-twin that appeared post-Great War. Prior to that Comery had been Chief Designer at Clyno.

    1923 Comery left Raleigh to go on his own. He produced a variety of lightweights with 269cc Villiers engines, Sturmey-Archer three-speed gearboxes and chain-cum-belt drive. The largest Villiers engine was considered capable of hauling a sidecar, so a complete outfit was included in the range.

    1925 Details were announced of a a 439cc narrow-angle V-twin two-stroke engine. It was fully detailed in the motorcycle press complete with diagrams but it did not enter production.

1. Tragatsch.

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