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Croft-Cameron Motorcycles


Croft-Anzani 996cc 1922

One of the few big twins available with four valves per cylinder - the new Croft-Anzani.

Croft Cameron of St. Michael's Road, Stoke, Coventry.

Sometimes known as Croft, they were large capacity motorcycles produced from 1923 to 1926

The company's production was always small-scale. They built big twins with bulbous saddle tanks that looked similar to the Brough Superior. The machines were fitted with Anzani 996cc V-twin ohv engines and their best-known model was the Super Eight. The Croft-Anzani V-twin of 1922 had four valves per cylinder, Montgomery forks, chain drive, rim brakes front and rear, and a saddle tank. The Sturmey-Archer gearbox was a close-ratio unit, it had an Enfield cush drive in the rear wheel and an engine shock absorber on the primary drive sprocket. It was a very advanced motorcycle indeed.

In 1924 The Croft-Cameron Super Eight was available in both four-valve and eight-valve versions, along with the "Plus Power" engine (also in 4v and 8v configuration) and the standard SA 3-speed box could be replaced with a 4-speed Jardine.

Front forks were of the leaf-sprung variety from Montgomery, and later models had drum brakes front and rear.

Anzani-engined Sports Model. Four Overhead Valves per Cylinder.


OF recent times the market for the big twin enthusiast has received more attention from British manufacturers. The latest addition to the steadily growing list of machines in this class is to be known as the Crott-Anzani Super Eight. As may be gathered from the name, the engine fitted is the latest type of Anzani twin with four overhead valves per cylinder.

The engine is housed in a duplex loop frame of sturdy construction, the duplex tubes allowing the exhaust pipes a straight flow between the tubes, the rear pipe passing also through a hole in the bottom bracket casting; the exhaust gases are then led to a large flat cast aluminium silencer, from which the exit is by a tail pipe on either side of the rear wheel.

Transmission is by chain throughout, a close-ratio Sturmey-Archer box being employed, with a shock absorber in the clutch and an Enfield cush hub in the rear wheel. A saddle tank covers the straight top tube, and has a capacity of 3 gallons of fuel and ½ gallon of oil.

Montgomery forks are fitted, and both brakes are of the dummy belt rim type - one on each wheel. Lubrication is by Best mechanical pump.

Since the machine is designed to be of the sporting type the mudguards are somewhat narrow in section, but special wide guards may be fitted to order.

It is expected that the price will be in the neighbourhood of £146, and the makers are the Croft-Anzani Super Eight, St. Michael's Road, Coventry.

The Motor Cycle, November 2nd, 1922. p620

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