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CTS motorcycles

Produced from 1931 to 1953 by Chris Tattersall of St. Anne's in Lancashire.

1931 Chris Tattersall began his production of 250cc racing machines. These were used in most TTs from that year onwards and for the next two decades. Two ran in the Lightweight that year, both fitted with JAP engines. On finished twelfth and the other retired.

1932 A JAP engine was used again for the TT and Tattersall achieved his best result when he finished fifth. He also began to use a Rudge engine as well as the JAP. The rest of the machine was made from proprietary parts.

1937 Two machines ran in the TT.

1939 Three machines were entered, but prospects of doing well were short-lived as a machine that had reached fourth position retired due to gearbox trouble. It is presumed that the outbreak of war brought production to a close.

1947-1950 Three machines were entered in the TT for each of those years. Italian motorcycles had become prominent but CTS machines always performed well.

1953 This was the final year of entry in the TT and of the CTS as Chris Tattersall retired.

Source: Graces Guide

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