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Daneville Tricar

Little is known about this brand, which appears in motoring articles from 1907 and 1908.

Leeds Motor Cycle Club
The following list of entries has been secured up to date (for) the River Hill-climbing Competition on Saturday next : B. Hewlett. 10 h.p. Lagonda. 90x96; G. Aldington, 5 Kerry, 70x80; B. Pattison, 14-16 h.p. Daneville, 114x110 J. Van Hooydonk, 7-8 h.p. Phoenix Quadcar, 80x80; A. F Ilsley, 5-6 h.p. Phoenix Trimo (single-cylinder), 90x100...
The Motor Cycle, February 27th, 1907.

Lewlsham A.C. Hlll-cllmb.-
In the tricar class a 16 h.p. Daneville made the fastest time...
March 6th, 1907.

Club News.- Southern MX.
Class III. Passenger cycles.- 1, C. Patterson (14-15 Daneville tricar): 2, C. Aldhigton (5 h.p. Kerry tricar)...
October 2nd, 1907

The marque is mentioned several times in the first half of 1908, with more hill-climb results and a sales advert.

7-8 h.p. Peugeot-Daneville. De Dion carburetter, special Lincona, Dunlops, 24in back, climbed 1 in 8 at [] m.p.h. absolutely as new, not run 500 miles, spares; buying car; 30 guineas.
— 294, Kennington Park Road, S.E.
March 11th, 1908.

And just once in 1909:

...near offer.— 3h.p. Daneville, No. 6 frame, Longuemare. Continentals, low, fast, and reliable ; bought win; any time.— 160, Old Kent Ed.
October 6th, 1909

Source: The Motor Cycle magazine.

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