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Dennell Motorcycles

West Leeds Motor Company
  • Dennell were motorcycles produced from 1906 to 1908, by Herbert Dennell 
  • 1906 A machine was built for a J. W. Fawcett. It had an 8hp three-cylinder in-line sv JAP engine with the cylinders mounted on a round crankcase. Skew gears turned the drive 90 degrees to a pair of pulley wheels from which two belts ran to the rear wheel, one on either side. It was fitted with rigid forks.
  • 1908 A more conventional machine was built for a Mr W. Bates, with a 4½ hp V-twin Minerva engine in a Dennell frame with belt drive, Roc two-speed gear and braced forks. The frame was low-built and had straight tubes. This is mentioned in The Motor Cycle of December 23rd.

    Also around 1908 they built an inline four with shaft drive. Nothing further is recorded after that year.

Source: Graces Guide

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