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General Motor Manufacturing Co

GMCC was a motorcycle produced from 1902 to 1903 by the General Motor Manufacturing Company

This basic machine had chain drive, a clutch for starting and magneto ignition. The chain was mounted vertically ahead of the pedals in a primitive frame, typical to the period. It had rigid forks and a contracting-band front brake. The left pedal was used to start the engine and the clutch was engaged to move away.

General Motor Car Co (G.M.C.C.)

42. The General Motor Car Co., Ltd., Norbury and Paris, show two cars, one a tradesman's delivery car, with 4 h.p. motor belt and chain drive ; this will carry over 200lbs. at twelve miles an hour easily. The other car is a fast four-seater handsomely finished. A motor-bicycle is also shown : this is fitted with a free engine and chain drive, and magneto electric ignition. The motor is mounted vertically in the lower angle of frame, and strengthens it considerably. A special feature is the ease with which the machine can be started. All parts of the machine are finished off in nickel, giving it a brilliant appearance.

1902 Stanley Show in Motor Cycling, November 26th, 1902. Page 275

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