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Luke Atkinson and Son

Glendale were motorcycles produced from 1921 to 1922 by the Glendale Works of Luke Atkinson and Son in Wooler, Northumberland.

These insignificant machines were assembled from bought-in components and fitted with a 346cc / 545cc sv Blackburne engine, a three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox, belt final-drive, Brampton Biflex forks and 6-inch wide mudguards with 3-inch valances. The fuel tank was 1.75 gallons/6.6lts, while the oil tank held 6 pints/2.6ltr.

Also used 269cc Villiers engines.

The business was still trading in February 1928.

A Dual Purpose Machine from the North.

Exceptionally Wide Mudguards Characterise the New Blackburne-engined Glendale.

A USEFUL double-purpose mount has lately been placed on the market by Messrs. Luke Atkinson and Son, Glendale Works, Wooler, Northumberand. It is constructed with a strongly built frame, Brampton Biflex forks, 26 X 2½ in. wheels with flat base rims to which Bates' 26 x 2¾in. tyres are fitted. Very wide mudguards form a feature of this machine, being 6¾in. across with 3in. valances, and on those on the front guards the registration numbers are painted. Footrests are provided.

Large Tank Capacity.

The tank is tapered from 12in. in front to 8in. at the rear, and carries one and threequarter gallons of petrol and three-quarters of a gallon of oil. The reason for this is that the makers have found by experience that it is often more difficult to get a particular brand of oil than it is of petrol, which can now be bought anywhere. This is a great convenience to the rider who purchases his oil in bulk.

The power unit is a 4 h.p. Blackburne engine driving by chain through a Sturmey-Archer three-speed gear box. The final drive is by bolt. Silencing arrangements are attended to by a large silencer and long tail pipe. The machine is well equipped and appears to be a thoroughly up-to-date mount.

The Motor Cycle, February 3rd 1921. Page 125.

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