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Cairns & GYS Bicycle Engines

GYS produced bicycle attachment engines from 1949 to 1955 in Bournemouth which were distributed by the Cairns Cycle firm.

  • 1949-1950 The 50cc unit was an all-alloy cyclemotor attachment that fitted above the front wheel, which it drove by friction roller. It had an upright cylinder that was cast in one with the crankcase. The silencer bolted directly to the cylinder and both it and the petroil tank were aluminium castings. The whole unit was carried in a frame that could be raised or lowered for contact with the tyre.

    1951 A kit was offered by Cobli of London to mount the engine under the saddle in order to drive the rear wheel. That year the GYS name was changed to Motamite.

    1952 The name changed yet again, this time to Mocyc.

    1955 Still known as the Mocyc, the make came to an end.

Cairns of Todmorden, Lancashire, also made Cairns bicycles.

"Manufacture under licence of the GYS 49cc two-stroke front-wheel-drive cycle attachment is being undertaken by the Cairns Cycle and Accessory Mfg. Co. Ltd., Stoneswood, Todmorden, Lancs."
The Motor Cycle, 1st December 1949

Cairns built the engines from 1949 and obtained full rights to the design in 1951. It remained in their catalogue until 1956.

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28-Dec-22 daniellbunt at gmail dot com
My cousin owns an original GYS Mota Mite.
He was wondering what they are worth?
Being only 200 GYS produced with I believe 31 left known in existence, they would be extremely hard to find.
I have a photo of his, attached.
Daniel Bunt

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