Today in Motorcycle History

Hamilton Motorcycles

Hamilton of Priory Works, Dale Street, Coventry produced motorcycles from 1901 to 1907.

Formed by Charles Alexander Hamilton in 1901, the company made its own engines and cycle parts as well as selling units to other manufacturers including Mills and Fulford, and Clarendon.

They listed singles of 2¼ hp, 3¼ hp and 4hp and a 4½ hp V-twin on which either cylinder could be cut out at will.

These machines were typical primitives of the Edwardian period, and were produced for only a few years.

1902 Designed a car called the 'Shamrock' that was built by Payne and Bates

1904 November. Details of the safety gear changing device.

1905 January. Details of the Renouf Variable Speed Gear.

Company closed 1910

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