Today in Motorcycle History

HEC Motorcycles

Hewins Engineering Company

  • HEC were motorcycles produced from 1923 to 1924
  • 1923 A machine was built that was similar to many others of that era. It had a 247cc two-stroke Villiers engine, chain drive to a two-speed counter-shaft gearbox and then by belt to the rear wheel.
  • 1924 A three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox was standardized, but the belt remained. A special competition model with all-chain drive, internal expanding brakes and a 54mph/86kmh speed potential could be obtained. Production stopped that year.

Note: It has been reported that Levis merged with Hewins around 1940, but this is an error. Levis merged with Hepburn Engineering Co of King's Cross, London, who built the HEC Powercycle.

Sources: Graces Guide, correspondence.

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