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Joybike Motorcycles

Joybike mopeds were produced from 1958 to 1961 by H. V. Powell (Cycles) of Birchfield Road, Birmingham.

This machine was a moped / scooterette powered by either a 49.9cc Trojan or a 79cc JAP two-stroke engine. The scooterette had a two-speed gearbox in-unit with the engine, telescopic forks and 4-inch drum brakes. The moped was single speed, with smaller brakes and no suspension. Both had 23-inch wheels and a limited market.

For 1960 the single-speed 79cc JAP engine was listed with telescopic forks, but failed to qualify as a moped.

Sources: Graces Guide; The Moped Archive.

Graham Clayton writes in comments, "Road test of the Joybike in the July 9th, 1958 edition of "Cycling" magazine:"

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