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Kingsway Motor Cycle Co

Kingsway was a motorcycle produced from 1920 to 1922 by the Kingsway Motor Cycle Co of Stoke, Coventry.

This machine was a lightweight fitted with a 269cc two-stroke Arden engine, CAV magneto, B and B carburettor, Best and Lloyd lubricator, Lycetts leather pan saddle and either direct-belt drive or two-speed counter-shaft gearbox with chain-cum-belt. Its only distinguishing feature was a 'Y' spring fork in place of a better known proprietary item.

Neither the fork nor the Kingsway make survived for very long.

Kingsway Lightweight 1920

A single-geared lightweight to sell at a popular price - the Kingsway.

Kingsway Y Spring Fork 1920

The Y spring fork fitted on the Kingsway lightweight

A lightweight at a Popular Price.

Known as the Kingsway, the light-weight illustrated on this page is an attempt on the part of a new Coventry concern (The Kingsway Motor Cycle Co , Stoke, Coventry) to produce a motor cycle at a popular price The specification includes a 2¾ h.p. Arden two-stroke engine, Y spring forks, C.A.V. magneto, B. and B. carburetter, Bowden front brake, Lycett's pan saddle and toolbags. Best and Lloyd drip feed, Avon tyres, and aluminium footboards. The suggested price for the single-gear model is £55, the two-speed gear being fitted at an extra £7.

The Motor Cycle July 29th, 1920

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