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Norbreck were motorcycles produced in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, from 1920 to 1922.

These machines had an Arden 269cc two-stroke engine and Arden pressed-steel forks. Transmission was either single- or two-speed Burman - both with belt final-drive. Later on, specification included a three-speed box of the maker's own design. There was also mention of a medium-weight model with a 348cc sv Blackburne engine, although this was never listed.

In 1922 further options included a Moss two-speed box and a Ladies' Model. It was their final year.

Norbreck 1920

Another newcomer to lightweight ranks, the Norbreck, which has been produced with the idea of marketing a sound proposition at a low price.

The Norbreck Two-stroke Lightweight.

WELL-KNOWN components are embodied in this attractive looking lightweight. An Arden 70 mm. by 70 mm. (269 c.c.) engine will be standard, although our illustration of the experimental model shows a Union. Best and Lloyd drip feed lubrication, B. and B. carburetter, C.A.V. magneto, and Arden spring forks are included in the specification of the single-speed model which sells at £50 8s. Or with a Burman two-speed gear box, the retail price, is £56 8s. The maker is Douglas H. Valentine, with temporary premises at 24, Finedon Road, Wellingborough.

The Motor Cycle September 23rd, 1920. Page 374

Norbreck 2¼ h.p 1921

The 2¼ h.p. two-stroke Norbreck Wellingborough production.

A £47 10s. Lightweight.

Another low-priced lightweight is the Norbreck, made by D. H. Valentine, 40, Gold Street, Wellingborough, who produces an Arden-engined single gear machine at £47 10s. This machine has Arden forks and X.L.-All saddle and rubber covered footrests; on the crossbar of the latter the brake pedal is mounted in a convenient position.

There are three other models, of which the £47 10s. type forms the nucleus. One has a plain Burman two-speed gear at £55 10s., another with two-speed clutch and kick-starter at £60, and a third fitted with a three-speed gear of Valentine's own make, which embodies a clutch and kick-starter, and selling at £66. The final model of this range has a 2¾ h.p. Blackburne engine, and a Burman two-speed gear, with clutch and kick-starter, the price being £87 10s.

The Motor Cycle March 24th, 1921. Page 367

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