PDC Motorcycles by Imperial Motor Co

PDC motorcycles were sold by the Imperial Motor Co of Brixton Hill, London, from 1903 to 1905.

The firm offered a range of solos plus a forecar attachment. Engine sizes were 2hp, 2½ hp, 2¾ hp and 3hp. The front brake was an external-contracting band. In all other respects it was a primitive that was typical of the era, and its production life was limited.

Report from the Stanley Show 1902

Stand 92

Imperial Cycle and Motor Co, Birmingham.

The motor-bicycle on show at this stand has a neat appearance, the case, containing the accumulator, trembler coil, petrol, lubricating tanks, and carburetter, being of polished mahogany, a contrast to the metal cases we are so accustomed to see. The machine is fitted with a 2 h.p. engine in the inclined position. One lever operates the compression, mixture and sparking. The tank will hold sufficient petrol for a 100 miles ride. An automatic lubricator is fitted, and a very efficient silencer is carried underneath the bottom bracket. Price £42.

Motor Cycling, 26th November 1902

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