Today in Motorcycle History


Pilot motorcycles were produced from 1904 to 1915 by a firm based in Farm Street, Birmingham, that had become involved with bicycles in 1884.

  • 1904 Prior to this, the firm offered frames, forks and many other components to the trade. The machine was supplied ready to take the Minerva and Excelsior vertical pattern. By the end of the year they had a complete motorcycle listed for £32.
  • Throughout the Edwardian era the company dealt mainly with components.
  • 1910 Late that year they returned to complete machines, with a range that had belt drive and sprung forks. Engines varied in size and make, and were a 4hp JAP or 4¼ hp Fafnir single.
  • 1911 JAP V-twins of 6hp or 8hp were used.
  • 1912 Just the 8hp JAP was used, then in came Precision singles of 3½ hp and 4¼ hp.
  • 1913 The JAP single was back again.
  • 1914 Only Precision engines were used, and the four-strokes were joined by a model fitted with a 318cc two-stroke.
  • 1915 The range was reduced to models fitted with Precision singles of 199cc and 597cc, plus a 499cc V-twin, all with sv, and the two-stroke.

Source: Graces Guide

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