PB Motorcycles by Pitcher and Bartlett

119a, Holland Park Avenue, London

PB was a motorcycle produced in 1903 by Pitcher and Bartlett of London.

Late that year the firm built a motor tandem with its 2¾ hp Chapelle engine fitted between the two riders. It had crossed flat belt rear-wheel drive and the frame was designed for a gentleman at the front and a lady at the rear. The crossed belt arrangement made it very short lived.

Pitcher and Bartlett.

This firm make a speciality of motor bicycle tandems, and at least one of these machines will be found on their stand. The latest pattern has a 2¾ h.p. engine and a belt drive, the necessary clearance for a lady's dress being provided by crossing a flat belt, the centre of the cross coming just below the dropped tube of the rear frame. The belt runs in a special case, and cannot catch any part of the wearing apparel, besides adding to the durability and effectiveness of the belt.

The Motor Cycle November 18th, 1903. Page 804
National Show at the Crystal Palace, 1903

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