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Powerful Motorcycles

Powerful was a motorcycle produced by H. W. Clark of Gosford Street, Coventry, between 1903 and 1905.

The first machines were fitted with a 2¼ h.p. Buchet engine, inclined and mounted above the downtube. They were also fitted with motors from Hayes of London, and other engines were available by request. The make was short lived.

Powerful of Coventry c.1903, Hayes Engine



2¼ h.p. Buchet motor outside flywheel. Carburetter- Float feed spray. Tank—Combined petrol and oil tank, painted or plated to order, and fitted with oil pump. Transmission V section belt, geared to drive at maximum speed of forty miles per hour. Accumulators —Two eight-ampere hour are fitted in mahogany case at back of machine. Coil—Round vulcanite or to order, placed in compartment in the tank. Finish— Best black enamel. rims and all bright parts plated. Weight - About 90 lbs.

Sources: Graces Guide, factory literature.

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