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Pringle was a motorcycle produced between 1908 and 1909.

The machine was exhibited at the late-1908 Stanley Show. It was designed for male or female use and had a Sinclair frame fitted with a 3½ hp Minerva engine and Osborne four-speed pulley.

The make was very short lived.

Pringle 1908 Motorcycle

A new pattern motor cycle frame (Sinclair's patent), suitable for a lady or a gentleman.

Stand No. 84.

A motor bicycle with a new type of frame is shown on this stand. The Sinclair patent frame comprises three main tubes, two of which extend parallel to one another from the lower end of the steering head, one on either side, with suitable curves to the back forks, to which the rear wheel is connected. The other main tube extends from the top of the steering head to the seat-pillar, all three being brazed together at the bottom of the loop, and completed with the necessary lugs and stays. The frame is of quite original design, and can be used by either a lady or a gentleman. The engine is a 3½ h.p. Minerva, fired by an Eisemann self-contained magneto. An Osborne four-speed pulley is fitted, and a dressguard is provided just behind the engine. A Brooks motor cycle saddle is fitted.

Stanley Show 1908

The Motor Cycle

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