Today in Motorcycle History

Referee Motorcycles

The Referee was produced in 1904 by a firm who were agents for Ariel.

For 1904, the firm offered their own make powered by a 2¼ hp Ariel engine. They soon returned to being agents, so nothing further was heard of their model.

The Referee Cycle Co.

The well-known Ariel 2¼ h.p. motor cycle engine exhibited here is fitted to Referee motor cycles. This machine is sold at the Referee depot, which is London agent for the Ariel motor bicycles. It combines the Ariel surface carburetter, which can always be relied upon for a perfect mixture; also the Ariel safety head, which is formed by a tube carried from the fork crown to the top of the ball-head clip. The general finish of this is, of course, up to the usual Ariel standard.
(Stand 118.)

Stanley Show, The Motor Cycle, Nov 25th 1903

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