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Russon Cars

The Russon was a British microcar with a sporting appearance and built by Russon Cars Ltd in Eaton Bray, Stanbridge, Bedfordshire between 1951 and 1952.

  • Designed by the editorial team of the Aeromodeller magazine the Russon was at first powered by a rear mounted 197 cc JAP engine but production cars used a larger 250 cc twin from Excelsior. Drive was to the rear wheels through a motor cycle type 3 speed gearbox. The suspension was independent all round by coil springs and the body was mounted on a tubular chassis frame. 50 mph and 65 mpg were claimed.
  • The alloy panelled body was built on an ash frame in a traditional coach builders manner and was styled to look like a bit like a miniature Jaguar XK120. There was said to be room for 3 people to sit side by side. The car was killed by its high price of £491, for which a "normal" family saloon could be had and less than 10 were made.
  • Minicar 1951-52.

Source: Graces Guide

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