of Beach Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham

  • Manufacturers and suppliers in Great Britain.
  • 1937 Aeroplane accessory manufacturers.

Lawson was a motorcycle produced in 1948, and built by Alec Lawson, a supplier of accessories to the trade, of the Sackville company in Sparkhill, Birmingham.

The machine was a special based on a Ner-A-Car of the 1920s, but differing in the length of the frame, which had been extended by about 5 inches/12cm. The body was in aluminium, it had out-rigger wheels, twin headlamps, a windscreen, fascia for the instruments and an intricate exhaust system. The engine, designed and built by a Mr Haythorn, was a 288cc air-cooled in-line ohc four which had a three-speed gearbox bolted directly to it, with a bevel drive for the rear chain.

There was never any intention to market it.

Scottish engineer John Haythorn built an OHC four of 500cc just before the war. It seems very likely this was the same person.

Source: Graces Guide

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