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SGS were the initials of the Syd Gleave Special, a motorcycle produced in Macclesfield, Cheshire from 1927 to 1931.

  • 1927 A range of Specials was produced using Villiers and JAP engines.

    1930 By now there were 196cc and 247cc two-strokes, plus 245cc and 346cc four-strokes. The machines were typical of the era, but attactive to look at. To begin with the frames were made in Macclesfield, but were later produced by Diamond of Wolverhampton.

    1931 Production ceased during the year as the economic climate had reduced sales dramatically making the business unviable.

Gleave continued his career as a motorcycle racer until 1935 when he suffered an accident. He was also a keen pilot and raced aeroplanes until the war, becoming a test pilot for the Fleet Air Arm. He was killed whilst testing an Avro Lancaster in 1944.

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