Today in Motorcycle History

Stag Cyclecars

The Stag Company, located in Sherwood, Nottingham, produced engines and cyclecars from 1912 to 1914.

The firm had purchased Buckman Engineering of Nottingham, who produced Buck engines and possibly complete motorcycles.

The main shareholder was W. H. Radford, Woodlands, Sherwood, Nottingham, Civil Engineer. The other shareholder was W. N. Radford, probably the son of W.H..

Stag machines were fitted with Precision engines of various sizes along with their own Stag engines. Power was delivered to the rear wheels by belt.

The LAD company of Farnham fitted Stag engines to their cyclecars before the war.

The firm was very small, not listed, nor seen at the London shows. With the outbreak of war, they closed up shop.

Sourcew: Graces Guide,

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