Wigan-Barlow Motorcycles

Wigan-Barlow Motors, of Stoke, Coventry.

  • Wigan-Barlow was a motorcycle produced between 1921 and 1922.

    Although a 348cc Barr and Stroud model with a sleeve-valve engine was considered, it is probable that only the 292cc sv JAP machine announced was ever made. Specifications included Maplestone forks and an Albion gearbox. The bike was very short lived.

    Maker of cars from 1922.

Wigan-Barlow 1922 293cc JAP

A neat looking lightweight, the Wigan-Barlow, embodying an M-L Maglita ignition and lighting set as standard. The engine is a 293 c.c. J.A.P.


Full Equipment and Clean Lines are Features of the Wigan-Barlow.

THOUGH presenting no great novelty in construction, the 2½ h.p. Wigan-Barlow is well worth careful study, since it incorporates several items unusual in so light and moderately priced a machine.

Standard Components.

A 293 c.c. J.A.P. engine is the power unit employed, and transmission is by protected chain to a two-speed Albion gearbox with clutch and kick starter. Final drive is by belt. Front springing is effected by a Maplestone fork, and Webb internal expanding brakes are fitted front and rear.

In addition to the usual aluminium footboards, carrier, etc., the front guard is valanced behind the fork, and 26x2½in. tyres are fitted, which will add very considerably to the rider's comfort, and will minimise tyre troubles.

The latest type of Best and Lloyd sightfeed lubricator is standardised, and with its dropped top tube and neat finish the machine presents an attractive appearance. An Maglita ignition and lighting set will be fitted as standard. The manufacturers are Wigan-Barlow Motors, Ltd., of Lowther Street. Stoke, Coventry, are also contemplating the construction of a somewhat similar machine fitted with the 350 c.c. Barr and Stroud engine.

The Motor Cycle, December 22nd, 1921. p859

Source: Graces Guide

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