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Caproni Vizzola 1956

Caproni Vizzola Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1953-59

A subsidiary of Aero-Caproni, the firm produced motorcycles with NSU engines of 98cc to 247cc with pressed metal frames. The name was taken from one of the aircraft the the parent company produced during WWII, the Caproni Vizzola which came in variations including F.5 and F.6.

The first machine was the Max 250 introduced at the Milan Show of 1953, powered by an NSU engine. This was followed by the Lux twostroke, and an FBM-engined 175cc four-stroke. In 1955 they introduced a 48cc Quickly and the following year a scooter with large wheels appeared.

The last of the Vizzola models, the Cavimax, was based on the NSU Max. These were built in 1959.

MV Agusta took control of Caproni Vizzola in 1960.

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Sources: Tragatsch, Henshaw et al

08-May-2019 Deanlee a t libero.it
Caproni vizzola 250 max nsu
How many number of this model are produces?
Thank you
Dean Damianic
rollo.lo78 at gmail.com
Nsu lux 250
Come posso avere informazioni per una nsu lux 250 modello caproni..?
m.lanini at ibimet.cnr.it
Caproni-Nsu Maxi 175 y.1953
I have Caproni-Nsu Maxi 175 y.1953
Giuseppe Mario Lanini
Florence - Italy
wjgrind2 at aol.com
Caproni ? 1954
I recently bought this bike. 250cc NSU Max motor powered. I will send two pictures for the correct maker, I think it's a Caproni-Vizzola? Others tell me it's made by Vok & Macola. I have the original Italian log book which shows Caproni.
Thank you,
Wayne Grindstaff
New York, USA
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lelio.lotti at hotmail.it
Caproni Vizzola /NSU Max 250 ,1955 immatriculation date, engine n° 765739
Dear Sir, I would [like to] order n°1 electronik regulator for my Max' 6 Volt dynamo, as your image, and 2 brush for his Bosch equipment. Please write me his price , with shipping to Italy, and payment method that you prefer, Many tanks, Lelio Lotti
Lelio Lotti
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Thu May 18 2017
lelio.lotti at hotmail.it
Caproni Vizzola information
Caproni Vizzola Max 250 1955 year, lateral brakes

Dear Sir, do you know the just wheels' diameter of these? On my motorcycle is 3,00 x 18", but on circulation card is write 3.00 x 19".

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