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Made in East Germany, GDR
After reunification, company renamed to MuZ.
MZ History

nhick359 at
1995 skorpion sport
Does anyone know how many skorpions were produced and how many made it to the United states?
Pennsylvania, Pa, US
ajsuncontrol at
1996 Skorpion Tour production dats 12/95
looking for a new carb.or a carb. overhaul kit
Arthur Menezes
Haverhill, Mass. USA
Sat, 17 Feb 2018
les.mills46 at
Any idea who raced factory MZ's. I remember, Hailwood among them, Derek or Dave Woodman at the mid sixties TT's. I was surprised to read in your article that Pete Williams was the last to win a GP. Would like to see a complete list.
Les Mills
Bexhill on Sea United Kingdom

Mon Apr 20 2015
krismat at
mz etz 250 frame
MZ ETZ 250
I am looking for on-line shop, where I could buy MZ ETZ 250 frame, please.
Could help ?

Thu Feb 23 2012
Family MZs
MZ Not sure
Hello - My brother in law has two MZ motorcycles in fair shape. Single cylinder, two-stroke. How can I get more information on them as well as fair market value? Thanks.

Sat Oct 13 2012
Find a Dealer
having a problem finding a UK MZ dealer?

Try here: MZ Directory

Thu Oct 11 2012
MZ ETZ 250
Do you have a carburetor for a mz / etz 250 1995 on stock? and if you do how much is it and how soon can I get it, also advice of payment methods available Thanks
Miami Florida

Tue Aug 07 2012
CDI part 9015095000
MZ RT 125
Trying to locate this part. CDI 9015095000

Fri Oct 19 2012
spare parts MZ
MZ ETZ 125 + 251
we sale out MZ motorbyke's spare parts- Etz 125-251 2 Stroke Model And Muz Scorpion 4 Stroke Model. The spare parts are packed, brand new, have never been used. We sale out the whole Lot for a total amount of 29,000 €. We can send list of references. Make your offer, contact us at + 34/607653379 or OUR phone 34/936614550, Or email cmr at . We are in Barcelona -Spain. No spare parts can be sold separately.
barcelona- spain

Sun Jun 17 2012
MZ RT125/3
Can you help with a wiring diagramme/picture of the coil box and/or dynamo?

Thu May 24 2012
Mz with sidecar
Mz With sidecar
I want to buy an mz with a sidecar - live in Duluth, Minnesota
Minnesota, USA

Tue Dec 27 2011
MZ ETZ 250
Boa Noite Srs. pergunto se tem conjunto biela com rolamentos e travessão e piston 69mm com segmentos obrigado cumprimentos.

Wed Aug 24 2011
MZ SIMSON s 51/1 SIMSON 2 stroke ,4 Speed
I have a brand new 1992 MZ Simpson which has been vacuum dry stored in as new condition Just 1 mile on the clock. Location Central London .Any Offers considered.

Mon Sep 05 2011
my mz
mz ts 125 sports
i have just bought this bike it was supplied new in the uk in 1985 by an mz dealer,

Thu Jun 23 2011
wirlwind2009<at>hotmail dot com
Charlie Parts
MZ Charlie
Have Charlie Scooter, needs elect. box Speed ctl. & charger.
Brownsville TX. USA

Sun May 22 2011
T140dspl<at>hotmail dot com
2001 MZ
MZ skorpion\Tour
I'm looking for the fuse box on the bike i have a new battery but nothing happens when the key is on.
is the bike positive ground or neg
also a repair manual
any help would be appreciated
Seattle WA

Tue Apr 26 2011
riclarkman<at>gmail dot com
Fuel tank
MZ 1964 TS125
I need a fuel tank for MZ TS125 1964

Thu Feb 24 2011
MZ --
I´m looking for English booka about MZ motorcycles. I´m from Gemany and I know there are a couple of books in German, but I would like to have one in English. Do you know one ?

Books on German Motorcycles

Mon Jun 21 2010
wd8cyv<at>yahoo dot com
owner support web site
MZ MuZ all models
can you post on your page
some where that people do not have to read all posts to find owner support web site
i left this post in 07
but its hard to find
this link needs to be findable dave

Sun Apr 18 2010
ervis.agolli<at>yahoo dot com
mz fabique
contacs mz e250 1963
i have a mz motorcycle and if is possible to have conttacs with you will be a pleasure

Mon Mar 01 2010
audipost<at>gmail dot com
MZ skorpion 660cc
WANTED: mz 660 carbs and full exhaust.PAYPAL payment instantly!

Sun Feb 21 2010
annmorrissey1 at hotmail dot com
piston rings
mz ts125
chassis no.7770723
frame no.7770723
engine no.7410032
year 1984
makeand modle coad 32093

Mon Feb 08 2010
dave at
spare parts
mz 660 skorpion
Hi my names matt,

I am trying to source parts for this skorpion in Australia, i was wondering if you would know of anywere i could get these parts from?

cheers matt

Sun Feb 07 2010
maxsonofgod at yahoo dot com
I need a complete engine of mz rt125
head light,engine, indicator light, ignition key, manual rt125
I need a complete engine of mz rt 125,2 sets indicator light,ignition key,manual and complete head motocycle was made in germany..I will like to also know the price of a complete mz rt125 motocycle....anyone with these parts should kindly contact me on my number +233243632650 or email me

Wed Nov 04 2009
l111rgr at sky dot com
Book called The Racer
MZ All
I am searching for a book which I believe is called The Racer. All about the MZ history of racing. Can you assist please?

Mon Oct 26 2009
Pineirofurniture at yahoo dot com
MZ ETZ-251
Como comprarlo

Sun Oct 04 2009
paulwins at
MZ scooters
Muz Mosquito Rx 49cc
are the MZ scooters also produced in the DDR or are they made in CHina under licence of MZ germany ? can you recomend a place to buy break pads and rotors for MZ scooters

  • Reports indicate that the MZ factory in Germany has closed and the rights to the name are now owned by the Hong Leong Group of China. There is talk that two German GP racers, Ralf Waldmann and Martin Wimmer, are planning to co-operate with the Chinese building MZ motorcycles in China. Ed.

Fri Aug 14 2009
rodneynimmo at
2004 mz 100cc atv piston ring set
MZ 100cc ATV
I bought a 2004 MZ 100cc ATV.Im looking for a new piston and ring set. my local dealership does not sell these modles any longer.Thank you

Tue Jul 21 2009
wa7edfady at yahoo dot com me?????
mz etz 250/1986
Help us to preserve OUR BIKES of ETZ250 .. we have many in Egypt, but did not get spare parts or maintenance crisis has

Mon Jul 20 2009
assyariff-asyraf at
Spare part of MZ Mantizz 125
MZ Mantizz 125
Where can I get the spare part of the motocycle. I right now in Malaysia.

Thu Jun 18 2009
ishakpasa at hotmail dot com
et4 carb jet measures
2000 et4
hi ,can I find a manual for 2000 , et4 150, carburetor jets measures?

Sat May 09 2009
mz at
MZ dealer
MZ Two stroke MZs
I have visited your site and I sawe that some people try to get spare parts for their MZs.
I am a dealer for these parts.I sell parts for the 2 stroke models until 1989. I send worldwide.
My internet adress is: (404)

Günter Six

Fri Apr 24 2009
jarv2007 at
CDI unit for mZ Baghira 2004
MZ Baghira
I need a CDI unit for a Mz Baghira 2004 please help
west yorkshire

Sat Apr 18 2009
yasen-from-plovdiv at yahoo dot com
mz etz251

Can you tell me what does the abreviation ETZ meen?

Thu Mar 26 2009
watchout2 at
CHARLY Scooter1992
I need a belt for our scooter. I need a location or site to order from.

Try this page:

Fri Mar 06 2009
solarphase at gmail dot com
Spedo odometer
1984 ET MZ
Hi Sheldons,
I have just swapped a solar panel for a 1984 MZ 250. would you know where I could buy a spedo and Taco from. I live in Australia and dont know of anyone that trades in these bikes. hope you can help. Cheers.

Wed Mar 04 2009
disneyf04 at yahoo dot com
Mz parts
mz etz
hola vendo piezas de mz etz ts nuevas alemanas 7864540919 miami
mz etz ts parts for sale I usa florida miami brand new any part you need

Mon Jan 05 2009
Dcsanch1 at yahoo dot com
Any information for parts,electrical, etc.
MZ 2002-2004 100cc ATV
I am looking for any type of information about my son's MZ 100cc ATV. Parts, wiring, anything that would help. I have a no spark issue and it wont start. .I have changed out the CDI box and also the stator/pick-up with no luck. The ATV was running before i got off and let it idle for a min. then it died out and would not restart. Thanks for your help
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sat Jan 10 2009
georgewaite at
mz spares
Present UK MZ Importer/spares dealer
Grahams Motorcycles

Fri Dec 19 2008
rick-seconds at yahoo dot com
MZ 1000S
Thinking about purchasing a 2005 MZ 1000S. Are parts available here in the US or overseas? Who could perform maint. on it over here? Thanks!
USA, Indiana

Several US MZ dealers listed here:

Mon Nov 24 2008
caballerob74 at yahoo dot com
Necesito comprar Mz Ts de uso (varias)
MZ TS 250
Necesito contactar con alguien que venda motos MZ TS 250 de los años 1967-1990 y/o piezas de repuesto de TS y ETZ 250

Sun Oct 05 2008
DCMYERS1 at msn dot com
MZ 50
I have a 2002 MZ 50 ATV. Where can I get parts for it, I live in the USA?
Erie, PA USA

Wed Sep 10 2008
tallerordonezelmer at hotmail dot com
mz sport mastiff model einzylinder 1998
i need a monoshock becouse my one is damage please help me.

Sun Sep 07 2008
mlxf1999 at hotmail dot com
74 MZ TS 150 for SALE!!! $2000.00
Im selling a 4 speed, 2 cycle, TS 150 East German Motorcycle in good working condition. Used daily, for $2000.00 US
Please contact if you are interested
Hialeah, Miami Florida USA

Mon Aug 04 2008
crazylady-28 at hotmail dot com
mz 500 saxon
hi can anyone tell me how much i should sell my mz 500 saxon for as i am unsure,,its an L reg,and not in very good condition..thnx

The page on Motorcycle Prices may prove helpful.

Wed Aug 13 2008
puddle-d at hotmail dot com
brake parts
mz skorpion grimeca
hi, i have a mz skorpion and need to see if i can get parts for the grimeca front master cylinder.. thanks.

Tue Jul 29 2008
racin at thewavz dot com
parts and a book in english ?
MZ TS 150 MZ TS 150 1974
I bought this bike it has only 2000 miles on it batt cables are gone do not know were to hook them up ? gas mix what ratio? thanks mitch fike
Ohio usa

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Jun 27 2008
andrewtbury at
MZ Scorpion Tour
I am looking to buy an MZ scorpion tour in the U.K.
North West England

Wed Jun 04 2008
melody at
MZ 125 SX
Where can we find parts for this bike in the USA?
Ohio USA

Sun Apr 13 2008
georbel1 at
necesito body parts
ETZ 251
necesito el tank y las maleticas del ETZ 251 ademas necesito la tigera, los amortigudores y el guarda barros de TS 150

Sun Mar 09 2008
vahe.bahdjedjian at gmail dot com
MZ TS 250/1
Spare Parts MZ TS 250/1
I need spare parts,body,engin & Gear Box for MZ TS 250/1
Cyprus, Limassol

Wed Feb 06 2008
yoanazurita at yahoo dot com
piezas de moto
kanuni mz 301
necesito estas piezas lo mas pronto posible.los 2 amontiguadores,1 piston 7645 al 50 la cadena, pina doble careta y cloche(distribucion)1 biela de 28 milimetros y el reloj con chucho.
miami florida

Wed Dec 19 2007
wd8cyv at yahoo dot com
owner support
owner support
mz motorcycles
world wide

Thu Nov 29 2007
grankin at
50s/60s MZ
250 single
I rode a friend's MZ 250, a 4-stroke, shaft-drive near-copy of a BMW R-25, back in 1960, but I cannot find an image of such a bike in any MZ websites I see today. Am I mis-recalling it?
Madison, Wisconsin USA

The bike you are thinking of is an EMW

Sun Nov 18 2007
georgewaite at
mz 1000 oil filters
mz 1000s
K & N Filter No HP 1002
Is a top quality substitute for the factory filters. Available from any K & N agents.
Totnes. Devon. UK

Sun Nov 11 2007
lobotomyfl at
I need a cluch cable and a steering damper for the mz silver star 500 thank you
frank hennessey

Thu Nov 01 2007
herbiebel at aol dot com
MZ TS250 1974
I live in the United States where can I get parts for the 1974 MZ TS250. I really need 2 ignition keys

Try the MZ Directory

Tue Sep 25 2007
aquaburp at
MZ50 ATV Question
I have a MZ 50 that I need front and rear fenders for. Any idea on where I could order them?
Indiana, USA

Mon Sep 24 2007
2004 MZ ATV50
Please help me locate an owners manual I bought the bike brand new from a dealer in newyork they claimed the bike did not come with one
newyork newyork 10019

Sun Sep 23 2007
cp2815 at kconline dot com
MuZ parts
96 muz skorpion tour
Do you have or know somebody that has a clutch cable , push & pull throttle cables for stock clip-ons

Fri Sep 21 2007
rnowlin at scana dot com
2001 MZ black panther 660
I need a place to order parts. Can you help?
North Carolina, U.S.

Thu Sep 20 2007
capitanlloyd at yahoo dot com
Mz1000S parts
Where can I get oil filters for my 2005 MZ1000S?
Florida U.S.A.

Fri Jul 27 2007
thundrax10 at
MZ 150
I have a motorcycle model MZ 150 and I would like to know the quantity of motorcycle oil I have to put with the fuel. Please, give me the quantity of both.

Try this page on 2stroke premix resources.

Wed Jul 18 2007
rebeccafolkerts at nothere dot com
1974 MZ TS250
I have a 1974 MZ TS 250 for sale. It has 3/10 of a mile on it. Email me if you are interested or know of anyone that is. I can have photos I can email to you.
USA, Wisconsin

Mon Jul 16 2007
maicorider at
Need buyer
Saxon MZ 500 Country 1995
I have two Country's with very low milage. One has 3971 killometers and 5611 on the other
Washington State, USA

Fri Jun 22 2007
shallowwater100 at juno dot com
key for charly scooter
charley scooter
I need a key assembly for a charley scooter
Houston, Texas

Wed Jun 20 2007
jhumpert at
Locating a starter for my sons MZ 100 A.T.V.
MZ 100
I have not been able to contact anyone to purchase parts through. The dealership I purchased the quad from is no longer a dealer for MZ and did not have a way to contact them. Please help.
MI, United States

Wed Jun 13 2007
agdl664 at
Motorcycle 150 cc
Estoy buscando una motocicleta mz 150 cc o 175 cc desde el 1964 hasta 2007.recido en Miami, FL.

Sat Jun 09 2007
jsanchezobando at hotmail dot com
lookin for part
MZ Baghira, 2003
Looking for a neutral light switch for my motorcycle. Does anyone have ani idea of how to get it?

Tue May 22 2007
fcp.dragao at
procura de pecas
mz es 150 1964
gostaria de saber por favor onde encontrar pecas para mz es 150 de 1964.obridado

Wed May 09 2007

Thu May 03 2007
inthe2ilight at yahoo dot com
Drive belt
2000 MZ Moskito
I need a drive belt for my 2000 MZ Moskito. It is the one with the wider tires; the one that looks like a Yamaha Zuma. I hope you can help me out because I have tried just about every other source.
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Wed Apr 11 2007
daniel.moore at atkinsglobal dot com
Ignition coil
MZ TS 125
6V system. Where can I easily obtain a new ignition coil from? Dosnt have to be an MZ part.
Bristol, uk

Tue Mar 27 2007
mstaevski at
air filter for MZ Moskito 125
2002 MZ Moskito 125
Does anyone know where can I find a new air filter for MZ Moskito 125? greatly appreciated for any parts hints

Mon Feb 12 2007
drinug at yahoo dot com
rear suspension [wp]
MuZ baghira 660cc
I am looking for a replacement rear shock for my MZ baghira 660cc but do not know what specs to look for or suspension model all i know is that it is a WP suspension can please send info or contacts from where i can order one.
Thank you

Tue Feb 06 2007
wevansctln at
maintenance manual
mz rt 125sx?
does anyone know where i can locate a maintenance manual for the above machine

Fri Feb 02 2007
daienerglyn at
Mikuni Carb
I have a Mikuni VM32SC carb off a Suzuki 550cc twin, I would like to fit it to my ETZ 301 FUN. I am looking for jetting information please can enybody help.
Cardiff WALES
I believe the bike was a Suzuki GS 500 or GS550 it
was a 2 stroke twin aparently this carb is a direct replacment for an MZ
TS250. All that needs doing is to turn about 1/8inch off the inlet stub of
the carb and block the oil injection hole. This is said to dramaticaly
improve the performance of the 250
As I have a MZ ETZ 301 FUN and wish to fit the carb to this I assume that
the jets would require changing, also Has anyone a solution to the manifold
mod required for the 300cc

I believe the carb is from a T500 twin made in the mid-1970s. Ed.

Thu Jan 25 2007
carisiador at aol dot com
parts and accessories
mz 251
i am looking for parts and accessories for mz 251 motor bikes. can you please help or direct me as to where i may obtain these parts

Fri Jan 12 2007
hank6232000 at yahoo dot com
Value of a bike
1974 Mz s150 motorcycle
I have a 74 Mz Ts150 in new condition with 16.6 miles on it. All original except for the tires. What is the value of a bike like this?

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Jan 03 2007
chrisndave at btinternet dot com
ETZ250 & Supa5
MZ Supa 5 & ETZ 250
Garage clearout.2 MZ's,not been on road for 10yrs so not runners, but low mileage & good nick.Cheap.
Stevenage UK

Mon Dec 04 2006
keithmarshall1 at btinternet dot com
wanted mz 250
has anyone in the somerset uk area got a 250 4-speed mz engine for sale? anything considered.

Mon Nov 06 2006
acarruthers4612 at aol dot com
mastiff manual
any place that i can get a mz 660cc mastiff manual

Tue Sep 19 2006
dingdong-931 at
MZ motorcycles
If you wish to join an English language discussion group for MZ motorcycles, go to; and sign up. There are over 22,200 messages in the archives, so your question ahs probably been answered. If it hasn't, ask the group. I bet you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Thu Aug 31 2006
time-lord at ntlworld dot com
mz 125 sm<
Could any one help I need a manuel for the mz 125 sm. It is very hard to get parts with out the correct list or do repaires.

Fri Aug 04 2006
pcross2005 at hotmail dot com
Testing of MZ 2001 Motorcycle in USA
MZ Baghira Mastiff
Would like to find the distributor of the MZ in the USA for 2001 as I need to get the testing documents that certified that it met the USA Federal Regulations at time of manufacture. I am trying to import this bike into Canada
Yukon, Canada

Wed Aug 02 2006
loiferguy at
need parts for my bike? where can i buy?
MZ 301 Fun 93
hello. i ahve just bought that cool bike and i want to ride it already but in israel we have parts problem. can u help me with some online store or something like that?i need sealing rubber parts for the front brake caliper. thanks!

There are several MZ dealers listed in Bikelinks at directory/Makes/MZ/MZ-Dealers/

Sun Jul 23 2006
kle-500 at hotmail dot com
front sprocket
please could you tell me what holds on the front it a cir clip or a nut. thanks

Sat Jul 15 2006
JDMJUNKIE24 at YAHOO dot com
MZ TS250
MZ TS250
I have a near mint mz ts250, unsure of year, def. From 1970's blue, long chrome pipe, very, very low miles, looking to get rid of asap. jdmjunkie24 at yahoo dot com thank you will have pictures, have to use a friends scanner

Tue Jul 04 2006
raymondo1953 at hotmail dot com
carb presettings
ts250 (1980).
Hello! I wondered if you could help me with the carb settings (inc needle valve) for my bike. It hasnt run for the last 5 years I managed to fire it up for the first time today but it seems to rev through the roof......Thank you..Ray Watson.

Wed Jun 21 2006
LURCH-CIT at hotmail dot com
right hand mz mirror
MZ TS250/1
i'm after a right hand (english export model) bar end mount rectangular mirror assy. or even just the bracket without the glass holder to put on my es250/2. i know it's a later type but i have two lefts at present and like the large, TS type. thanks for your time. glen.
queensland, australia

Sun Jun 04 2006
mercedesdk at aol dot com
luggage saddle bags
1995 mz country 500
Hello, I am looking for hard luggage that will fit my bike and a service manual. thank you!

This machine uses a Rotax engine. Ed.

Thu May 04 2006
mzparts at yahoo dot com
If someone wants parts that are rare
1998 MZ/MuZ Skorpion Traveller
I parted out 1998 MZ Skorpion Traveller. Selling the parts. If someone needs them, contact me
Texas, USA

Fri Apr 28 2006
Jonros80 at aol dot com
Mechanics/garage repairs
We are trying to find gatage/mechanic who repairs MZ's in the Kent/SE borders as our usual one has closed down.

Sat Mar 25 2006
paulandmary29 at
MZ parts
MZ 125cc export 2001 reg
Please could you help - I need to purchase an ignition amplifier for the above bike. Can you recommend anywhere that sell these parts. My bike has been off the road for 4 weeks. Help

Try the MZ Dealers directory at Bikelinks. Ed.

Fri Mar 24 2006
workshop at
Seeking parts
mz 50
Im looking for a head gasket and piston and rings were can i get them???

Mon Mar 13 2006
theduke at
mz parts
i desperately need a tail pipe as fitted to the two piece muffler of a 1973 ts 250

Sun Feb 19 2006
billyb4c at
1972 mz250

Sun Feb 12 2006
eddie at
Workshop Manual RT125
Having problem starting engine after being dropped on left side while running, have spark,fuel, some compression. Need to check valve, ignition timing.
the manual is for a MZ- RT125cc 4stroke single cylinder DOHC.

Fri Feb 10 2006
antnjayne at aol dot com
mz 660
dose any one know what colour wireing comes from the cdi unit to the coil. I am having problems locating a manual for my engine. Thanks Anthony. Email antnjayne at aol dot com . Thanks hope some one can help!!!
durham / uk

Tue Feb 07 2006
random-prophecy at yahoo dot com

Hi....hopefully someone can help me with this dilemma. I need to find a 12 volt battery for an MZ ETZ 250 hp. Where can I get one?? No one seems to know where. Can someone help me PLEASE??!!
Thank you!
L Simkins

Tue Nov 29 2005
FAYROUZ-A at YAHOO dot com
MZ the great
thank u for all of models and (MZ ETZ250)1986 that is great .
but we can't find any original parts & spare parts
I'm live in egypt,please be intersted about this.

kanuni at
MZ ETZ 251 and 301 motorcycles
Kuralkan AS is the unique producer of MZ ETZ 251 and 301 in the world. I want to change web site address on your link. You can contact directly with me by mail mehmet-karagoz at Sincerely yours, Export Manager

Thu Sep 01 2005
jgibbs93 at sprintpcs dot com
03 Baghira SM
Does anybody know how I can get a hold of a service manual for my motorcycle? Preferably in english... the only auth. dealer of MZ is in Florida and cannot be contacted via phone or e-mail, so I'm wondering if they are out of business. Not to mention that major publications don't have manuals... it's very frustrating, because I am itching to ride it! ...actually all I need is a wiring diagram. Thanx

Well, to put a long story short, the previous owner had the motorcycle in storage for over a year before my inquiry. At this point the owner had lost track of the battery. After setting an appt. the owner attemped to start the bike using a similarily sized battery, which had the poles on opposite ends. Needless to say, when I arrived, the wiring harness was a mess of shorts and wire insulation burnt so bad that the color was indistinguishable in places... I did get a great deal on the bike at the expense of the previous owner's attempts, but I never foresaw a difficult time locating a service manual for this model. It does share many mechanical and electrical components to Yamaha's Raptor ATV, which I will use as a guideline if my efforts to locate the appropriate manual are in vain. There are so many repairs needed to the wiring in this bike that building a completely new harness would probably save me time and headaches in the future.

Tue Jul 26 2005
tja at dcx dot com
MZ History
My first bike was a '59 MZ 125cc. Any chance you could send me some old pictures.

Thu Jul 21 2005
tvflorin1969 at yahoo dot com
euro 1
hi, my name is florin and recently i bought privately (not from dealer) a mz baghira super moto. is just amaizing how this bike running and i am very pleased with it.if there is anyone knows how can i get a euro 1 certificate for it?

Tue Jun 28 2005
dexus at ptt.yu
Please give me MZ factory web adress.

Try the MZ section at Bikelinks. Ed.

Tue Jun 21 2005
maradripacheco at hotmail dot com
Lo bien que la paso con la moto mz 251
Desde que la tengo hace 5 aã‘os y medio la paso muy bien. Lo realiso al mantenimiento yo mismo.

Translation: The good that the passage with moto mz 251 Since I have been having for 5 a?s and means very step bien.lo realiso to the maintenance I myself.

Mon May 30 2005
rodrigochacon1 at yahoo dot com
MZ 250 1958 For sale
MZ 250 cc 1958 ,restored, beautifull. Anybody knows how much is worth.?.

Mon May 23 2005
dok at valornet dot com
ts 250
are spare parts available for the ts 250? who are the best sources?

What brand of motorcycle do you have? Is it an MZ? yes the east german MZ, made in 1974


Mon May 02 2005
www.springridgeangus at hotmail dot com
MZ 250 Clutch
I am currently working on a 1974 MZ 250 trophy. Does anyone have any idea how to remove the clutch basket? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Sun May 01 2005
malgreenleaf at msn dot com
Parts in the uk plz?
Hi iv just bought an mz etz 125 and im desperate to find loads of parts plz help!!!

Wed Apr 27 2005
camatoto9 at msn dot com
wanted parts!!
My name is Ryuji Oshima from Japan. I own MZ ETZ250, but some of the parts are missing.
My request is to get the parts. If you have the parts or know some parts shop, please let me know.
sincerely, yours

Wed Apr 20 2005
brdbmar at aol dot com
mz sports trophy 150
I have just bought this bike and I am trying to get prove when this bike was made because the dvla want prove so that it can be registred as historic

Mon Apr 11 2005
hpace32370 at aol dot com
Sale MZ 1998 traveler
Contact for sale

Fri Apr 08 2005
bikerbrom at hotmail dot com
mz technical literature
hi MZ fans,
manuals for MZ's can be found at

-site is written in german-

Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005
subject: MZ 125cc 1986
Email: ap001g6281 at
message: hi,just got bike,electrics are ?Could anyone tell me what the 5 positions are on the headlamp key please

thanks for getting back. Sorry not as yet,but I have managed to find out that when the switch is straight the amber light comes on and would appear to be ingnition on.As I turn the switch the lights react but I have no dial as such to indicate what position the turns of the switch actually do.I`ve only just acquired the bike and no nothing about it,is there any information
on line or do you know of anyone that would have a manual for sale that I could purchase.Would appreciate your

Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005
subject: MZ 125
Email: lordrichie at hotmail dot com
message: I have just obtained a mz 125 1988 red. its not up and running yet as its been stood outside for 5 yrs. Plenty of work to do...Im not sure whether it is a 125 but that is what it sais on the log book so I guess its right. Does any body know if it is a ETZ or What? or just a 125. I will also need to know where I can get cheep spare parts when needed and maybee a bit of Tech. advice. Im in North Wales near Bangor.

Many Thanks
Richie Lord

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005
subject: MZ Carburator!!!!!
Email: straitdart at hotmail dot com
message: Hello
I am Sergio and i am from Cuba, but i do not speak Belgic. Only Spanish or English. I live in USA. If you want to buy Carburator for Cuban boyfriend, you could visit or They are located in Germany. I know another website but i have forgatten its address. Also you could aquire one at look under car and mottorrad , if i am not worng with the address you will be able to find many parts. If you get no help let me know i could get some help from around the world. Say hello to your Cuban boyfriend and be good to him.
best wishes
Good luck!!!!!

Mon, 21 Feb 2005
MZ TS 250-1 Gespann mit Carellschwinge at

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005
subject: MZ Carburetor
Email: renske at
message: estimated sir,ms;

I have a question;is it easy to buy an MZ carburetor for a bike year '89 in Germany?
My boyfriend lives in Cuba and really needs one,I would appreciate it if you could give me more information,thanks,Renske Rotty, Belgium

June 24, 2002
Have you ever heard of motomarina 50cc mz motorcycle? I need a manufacture address for parts. -- Thank you, -- LPEASLEY at C-SGROUP.COM

April 30, 2002
1974 MZ TS 250 for sale this bike has 25 original miles and it's in mint condition. Asking $5000, no disappointments -- TomaszU at aol dot com

February 26, 2002
Hi MZ friends:
Here I'm sending photos attached of my two motorcycles. As you can see the Brazilian model was different if you compare with the produced in the DDR. (It´s look like a Kawa 400 ) Till today I had five MZ, and all were strong and lasting. In Brazil were produced around 13.000 between 1984 and 1987. Some spare parts were produced here and is not difficult to buy in small stores. Today, in Brazil are running aprox. 300 of this unforgettable motorcycle.
Regards -- Pablo Bernhard -- Sao Paulo - Brazil -- ttpablo at

February 10, 2002
Hi, Andrew Powell here Wales UK
I am looking for an old MZ motorcycles pre 1970 can u help? DDR army bikes not matter. -- cheers -- mzrus at btopenworld dot com

January 1, 2002
Hi sir I have 3 MZ's
also c pic attached I love them<
liv ein wales uk
have spares if people want them at moment
I am restoring TS 250 CC JAN 1ST 1974
Going well 60% done
cyu later
ANDREW POWELL -- andychef at btinternet dot com

October 27, 2001
Hi, I love MZ and want to share my feelings with the readers of this site. My first ever bike was an ETZ 150, with a beautiful metallic blue tank. I got it not long after I started my first job. I was 18, footloose and fancy-free. My machine cost me only three hundred and fifty pounds with only twenty miles on the clock. People always underestimated MZs in those days (mid eighties), and growing up and living in the Isle of Man, with probably the most bike conscious general public in the world, I had to learn to defend my pride and joy with fists, knowledge and guts. MZ dominated 2-stroke GPs until their race ace Ernst Dagnar defected and passed on the technology to Suzuki. Even in the eighties I wasn't too far behind 250 gammas, could hold my own against Superdreams, and blasted away KH125s, et al. I took her off-road now and again, and dropped her four or five times on the road before she finally found a new home. I've regretted selling her ever since. Of course, knowing what I know now, I'd have to admit that the brakes were pretty nasty, that she never started first kick, and that she had a shocking tendency to semi-stall and go into reverse. You read right, and I swear its true. Have any other readers experienced this? At the time I was told by someone that this was caused by the engine four-stroking, a bizarre theory which I believed until I learnt a little about engines. What could have caused it? After the MZ I moved onto Hondas, Kawasakis and a BSA. I've been checking out the MuZ range, and sometime I'll return to the fold. If you don't know the MZ ETZs then checkout a movie called "Waking Ned", it features an ETZ 250, (and it was filmed in the Isle of Man). -- Bob Teare -- sensei at gol dot com

October 11, 2001
I would like to buy a 70s model MZ est250 trophy or MZ sports. If you know of the kanuni mz dealers in Greece and Spain I would be grateful thank you -- tommyweedall2001 at

September 22, 2001
I noticed your web site. I have been interested in Eastern European and Russian motorcycles for some time.i am considering purchasing one of three possible bikes. I was hoping you could tell me how good these models are and what they might be worth.

The first it A 1974 MZ TS150 that is showroom new with 32 original miles on it.

The second is a 1974 MZ TS250, in good condition, with approximately 7,500 miles on it.

The third is a 2000 Planeta 350 with less than 2,000 miles on it.

Do you have any thoughts on any of these? Any advice would be greatlyl appreciated.

My Email address is dicemeister at

January 11, 2002
I saw your post on the European Motorcycle Universe. You asked about the value of 1974 MZ TS250 in various condition. I have owned a couple, and currently have one with about 3500 mi. I think they are terrific bikes, certainly better than their contemporary, the Jawa Californians. Mz is lighter, about as fast as a Jawa 350 twin, and corners and stops better, although this may be faint praise.

Nevertheless, I think a lot of people tend to overstate their value, especially if they have one to sell. For a used ts250, I think a reasonable value is from $100 to 500 dollars for a really nice one. For a new one in the crate, $1000.00, tops. $700 is more reasonable. The world is full of assholes who think they are sitting on treasure with a couple of MZ in crates. Their attraction was always that the were so cheap, yet surprisingly good. If not cheap, they are no longer amusing.

A lot of these bikes were leaned against trees in the 70's, usually when the owner gave up on the electrical system. Very few people still run them in the US, but reasonably priced ones always seem to appear from time to time.
Jud Jones --judjonzz at

June 22, 2001
This is a cool site. I need to get some info. I just got an MZ 250. I know nothing about them except that they are really neat looking bikes. The bike has a silver (chrome) gas tank. It has TS 250 on the rear of the seat. On the gas cap it has "World Champion Years 65, 66, 67, 68".

How do I find the year and model of this bike? I actually got two of them. One is complete, the other is for parts. Is this a 12 volt or 6 volt bike? I am not getting a spark and I need some tech info so I can work on it and get it running. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and God bless, Brent Linder -- Tub Guy -- tubguyla at

June 21, 2001
I am a cuban 20 years all that owns an MZ ES 150cc. But I love English Classic motorcycles, especially BSA's. Of course I am interested in buying one of those impressing motors by her in Cuba. There is not sufficient information in order to repair the inner of those huge motors. By the way here is very difficult the fact of finding some spare parts for those bikes, we have a lot of Russian bikes, or any other from the Socialist Field but Good Motorbykes as yours, just from before the Cuban revolution. My father wants to buy a IHZ motorcycle two cylinder but I really do not agree. I want to convince him but I understand that maybe those bikes in this country should became in a problem. So I want your advice and help in order to know for example how hard should be for a turner to make a piston or any other spares.

I think that to ship some spares from anywhere to Cuba should be difficult, it's that true....

Please I would appreciate any kind of help...

Sincerely yours,
Yasser Fernández Delgado -- sencosus at yahoo dot com
(peace to all living creatures)

March 27, 2001
I'm Emil Mlkoff from Bulgaria. I found your web site while searching for potential buyers of my motorcycle. I have an old model of MZ 'Trophy Sieger' made back in 1963 in East Germany. It's completely original. It is red, and in perfect technical condition and on movement.

I have that kind of request! Could you contact me with people, who might be interested in buying it?

If you want I can send you pictures of the motorcycle through e-mail, cause the web site of the motorcycle is gone!
If you are interested in it, please respond!
I'm sorry for bothering you!
Yours: Emil Milkoff -- mz-trophy-sieger at yahoo dot com

February 18, 2001
Still making MZ's old range and own the MZ name
jon jones -- jonn-jones at

October 7, 2000
can you please mail me the electrical scheme for the mz etz 250. -- bertels.schepens at

July 8, 2000
I am Wilton de Almeida from Brazil. I crossed all America, from Alaska to Brazil in 1997, by motorcycle. Now I have been planning cross Africa by motorcycle too. MZ has any good one to make this travel? Two years ago I met a German motorcyclist that was traveling with a 660 MZ bike. Now I am going to travel with some bike like that. Do you have dealers in Africa? How many kinds of motos do you have? How many cost each one? Could you send me some options, please. -- Thanks -- Wilton de Almeida -- Wilton -- wiltonalmeida at

June 2, 2002
MZ Club Denmark website is moving server
please update your link page. -- Svend Nielsen -- svinge1 at

Posted February 15, 2000:

23rd-25th of June, 2000.
7th International MZDK Meeting at the MCTC motorcycle camping site. [404]
Address: Nødagervej 32a, Nødager, 8560 Kolind,
Phone: +45 86 39 28 15

Friday from 6.00 pm: Arrival - campfire.
Saturday 8.30-10.00 am: Breakfast (which you can order the previous day).
1.00 pm: joint tour
6.00 pm: You can order barbecue.
8.00 pm: Entertainment. Prizes will be awarded
Sunday 8.30-10.00 am: Breakfast (still to be ordered the previous day).
2.00 pm: The end of the meeting. You may stay longer, though.
The camping site is open to other marques of motorbikes, so we'll try to have an area of our own. Therefore please let us know, if you intend to come.

Phone, or even better e-mail: Per - +45 75 83 27 06 or Harry Krintel - +45 75 81 46 54.
See MZ Club Denmark: [404]

With kind Regards.
Svend 1 Nielsen "VEB Meister".
svinge1 at (404)

December 31, 1998
MZ club Denmark is now in cyberspace [no dns]
Happy new year.
:#) Svend Nielsen (VEBmeister) svinge1 at

November 19, 1998
I checked MZ in your list of German motorcycles. Can you make an addition, that MZ was divided in 1992: MuZ (Motorrad und Zweiradwerk) was founded, but also ITG Engineering GmbH, founded by Eberhard Bredel, the the last director of the original MZ company, with the staff from the works development department. ITG engineering got the rights for the trademark MZ and the production lines of the 250 cc and 300 cc 2-stroke models. They moved those to Turkey, where real original 2-stroke MZs are produced by now, imported to 30 countries. The productions started 1994, the factory Kanuni Kombassan is situated near Istanbul. Chack at: [no dns]
also: [no dns]
-- Keijo Virtanen KVIRTANE at

Kanuni-MZ Motorcycles

November 2, 2000
1961 MZ, 350cc transverse flat twin. Meticulously restored to "as new" condition. Located in Ogden, UT. $3,950.00. Call Chuck at 604-732-9928 or e-mail at
martech at home dot com " -- Thanks, - Chuck Doucet

MZ was the only motorcycle make of the former socialist part of Germany. Those bikes were primitive two strokes, but they were robust and cheap.
Best regards

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