French Motorcycles

Boivin Motorcycles

35 Citée des fleurs, Paris
Established 1896, built a motorcycle, and then in 1902 a driving wheel adaptable on all bicycles. Patented.

The "ROUE MOTRICE" machine is the invention of G. Boivin, 14, Rue Girardon, Paris. It bears a striking likeness to the English Singer motor-bicycle, inasmuch as the motor, carburetter, etc., are contained within the wheel. The wheel axle is driven by means of reduction gearing from the motor shaft. Two patterns are made, one with the motor in the front wheel, and the other in the rear wheel. The controlling the motor speed is effected by two levers mounted on the handlebar, and connecting with the motor through a hollow axle.

Motor Cycling magazine, Paris Salon, Dec 24th 1902

Bourdache pp 56, 146.

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