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Company formed on May 23, 1902 at 39 rue St Ferdinand, Paris.

Motorcycle ridden by Ricard in the 1/3 liter criterium in 1903

Sources: Bourdache p146; La Moto Francaise.

The "Bonhomme" Motor-Bicycle. - This machine was exhibited at the Paris Show. It has a 2 horse-power motor placed vertically between down tube and diagonal. The ignition is by coil and accumulator. Lubrication is effected by means of a small force pump. Either a Longuemare or Roubeau carburetter can be fitted, the first named running on alcohol if desired. The petrol tank has a capacity for two litres, sufficient for 80 to 90 miles running. The drive is by means of a round leather belt. Two brakes are fitted, a tyre brake for front wheel and Bowden rim for back wheel. The price is £34, and makers are J. Bonhomme et Cie, 6, Rue St. Marc, Paris.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 31st, 1902. Page 388

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