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Chanon Motorcycles

22 rue Duret, Paris

Founded in 1892 by Henri Chanon as a bicycle company, and later owned and managed by Henri Gaubert, the brand became well known for its tricars. Production ceased around 1909.

Henri's younger brother Julien Louis Gaubert gained recognition as a rider of motorcycles and tricycles, raced Brasier automobiles, and became a pioneer of French aviation.

Their motorcycles were fitted with Villemain and Monarque engines, and one of each of these machines survive.

In 1905 a Chanon motorcycle with a Villemain engine was ridden to 7th place in the criterion of 1/3 litre.

A tricar powered by a water-cooled 4 h.p. Villemain engine was presented at the 1905 Motor Show in Paris.

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