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Chauffourier Motocyclettes

A Motorcycle with the engine behind the pedals was presented at the Paris Salon of 1902. Two models were displayed, of 1¾hp and 2¼hp. It was also known as The Royal.
Engaged in the Paris-Madrid of 1903.
Bourdache pp 146, 172.

A. Chauffourier et Fils, Rue Palikao, Paris, show the "Royal" chain-driven motor-bicycle. This is particularly neat in design, and has a 2 b.h.p. motor, with water-cooled cylinder and air-cooled head. There is a small secondary pinion arm from the motor axle; this also carries a chain sprocket, and embodied in this piece of gearing is a ball-bearing friction clutch actuated by a lever from the top tube. A float feed carburetter with throttle valve is fitted, and the petrol tank is of large capacity. The rear chain wheel is spoked to the rim in addition to being secured at the axle. The sparking plug is placed in the centre of the head. Weight of complete machine is 70lbs., and price £40. A motor set on the above principle is also made for attachment to an ordinary roadster bicycle.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902. Page 346