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Choubersky Motorcycles

18 rue du 4 septembre, Paris, and also at 20, rue Félicien-David, Paris.

Built tricycles and tandems in 1899 with De Dion engines under the Richard-Choubersky brand.

At the time of his death in 1891 he had four stores in Paris, so it is not out of the question that the these machines were built by this company and sold at both addresses.

The story of Richard Choubersky (Charles de Choubersky) of roller-skate fame, who died in 1891, proves once more that wealth does not necessarily bring happiness. An interesting account of his life is available at

Tricycles Richard-Choubersky. Les cycles et motos portant la marque Richard Choubersky sont caractérisés par un fini et une élégance qui en font des machines de grand luxe. Notre fig. 64 représente le modèle de tricycle 1900, lequel est pourvu d’un moteur de Dion ou Aster au gré du client. L’émail et le décor sont des plus soignés : ils font de ces motos des appareils que Ton peut conduire en gants blancs, aussi la plupart des gracieuses personnes qui se risquent aujourd’hui à conduire, des motocycles choisissent- elles de préférence la marque Richard Choubersky.

Richard-Choubersky tricycles. Cycles and motorcycles bearing the Richard Choubersky brand are characterized by a finish and an elegance that make them luxurious machines. Fig. 64 shows the 1900 model tricycle, which is provided with a De Dion or Aster engine at the customer's choice. The enamel and decoration are of the finest quality; they of these motorcycles devices that you can drive in white gloves, so most of the graceful people who venture to ride motorcycles today prefer the Richard Choubersky brand.
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