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Dussart-et-Accou Motorcycles

Founded by Silvère Augustin Accou and his brother-in-law Édouard François Dussart in the 1890s, they were based in Roubaix before moving to St Etienne in 1919. Silvère's brother Adolphe had his own bicycle manufacturing business, and was closely involved with the Dussart et Accou concern.

They manufactured bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles, also sold De Dion-Bouton voiturettes. They did very well in competition, and took several world records with their tandem pacers.

In 1898 they were the subject of legal action instigated by a competitior to prevent them winning the Berlin race with Huron as pilot. They won the case and were awarded damages, but the damage done was significant.

Silvère died in 1928, and production appears to have ceased that year.

Percy Armstrong of Western Australia imported a Dussart & Accou tandem pacer 1899. This machine has a De Dion-Bouton engine and is the only known survivor of the marque. It is under restoration by Graeme Cocks of WA who supplied information and photographs to the authors of a article.

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