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Faret Motorcycles

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Manufactured by Gabriel Faret and family, Bordeaux. Motorcycle production began in 1927.

Components were mostly supplied by Motobloc, also of Bordeaux. Their GF1 model of 1927 was fitted with a Moussard engine and a two-speed Albion gearbox. The second model was the GF2, of which none remain.

Gabriel Faret began as a bicycle builder around 1909, and later produced sewing machines, baby carriages and weapons. He also entered the sports apparel market with oilskins and raincoats. He was one of the first sponsors of the Tour de France, and his bicycles achieved good success in the early years.

After Gabriel's death in 1942 his second wife, Lucette, assumed control, specialising in the clothing division. In the 50's their son joined the firm, and by the 1970s they employed some 500 people.


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