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Furan Motorcycles

4, Rue Barrouin, St Etienne.

Originally named Dombret & Jussy, in 1883 the firm built engines, small arms and bicycles. In 1898 a vehicle branded Jussy was produced. (See Lux)

Atelier du Furan appeared around 1905 and built cycles and motorcycles in their small factory which included a foundry. Mentioned in 1913, 1928, 1930 and 1931 when the name had changed to Furan.

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Manufactured by Ets Dombret & Jussy (founded 1888), a bicycle firm in St Etienne. The first motorcycle is believed to have been constructed in 1898, and in 1905 they were building motorcycles, bicycles and automobiles. The firm is credited with being the first in France to present a Motosacoche.
The firm became Atelier du Furan around 1905, and was active until the 1950s.


Listed as a 1950s machine with a Mistral engine built in St Etienne, possibly at Atelier du Furan. There is some doubt as to whether this marque existed as there are exceedingly few references to it.

Sources: Motos dans la Loire;; Bourdache p110.

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