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Garreau Motorcycles

Established 1896, the Garreau with a ¾ hp engine was displayed at the Salon of 1899. In c.1900 a half-horsepower model with the engine mounted above the pedal crank was introduced named the Autocyclette, but this was changed after Clément began using the same name. Manufacture ceased in 1904.

L'AUTO-CYCLETTE GARREAU, 43, Rue Lemarois, Paris, show a remarkably light and compact motor-bicycle. The motor develops 1¼ h.p., and it only weighs about 101bs. The firm claim that this will do 45 kilometres in the hour —over 30 miles— and climb hills of 1. in 8 or 9 without use of the pedals. The petrol tank, carburetter, coil, and accumulator are contained in a case supported from the horizontal tube. The capacity of the petrol tank is three-quarters of a gallon, sufficient for a run of ninety miles. The transmission is by means of a twisted hide belt, and control of speed by advance of spark. One band brake on the rear wheel hub is fitted. Weight of the machine complete is 541bs., and the price only £24. This machine is illustrated on this page, and the reader will gain some idea of its lightness from its appearance.

Motor Cycling magazine, Paris Salon, Dec 24th 1902

Sources: Guélon Collection, Bourdache pp 69, 92, 98, 99

N.B. J. Carreau and Garreau are sometimes confused.

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