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A Brief History of the Marque

Compagnie des Cycles Gladiator

Manufactured: 1891-1920

Founded by Paul Aucoq and Alexandre Darracq at 3 rue François Henry au Pré-Saint-Gervais.

Also built as Clement at 18 rue Montmartre in Paris. Adolphe Clément purchased Gladiator in 1896 and the firm became Clement-Gladiator.

See also Darracq

The Gladiator Co., Paris, showed a 3 h.p. twin-cylinder motor-bicycle. The motor is of the Clement type, and drives by means of a triangular section belt on to the rear wheel. The petrol tank is fixed behind the saddle, and supplies the motor through a spray carburetter. Two powerful band brakes are used, one being fitted to each wheel hub. Ignition is by means of coil and accumulator, these being carried in a case supported from the horizontal tube. The wheel base of the machine is of good length, and the general finish of the machine is excellent. The weight comes out well under 100lbs.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 31st, 1902. Page 387

Sources: JLB Creations, Bourdache

CIRCA 1910
I'm not sure if anyone could help me at all but I am looking for archives of a Gladiator Circa 1910, V Twin 90 degree, just on the off chance would you be able to head me in the right direction.
Alan Williams
Wickford, Essex, UK
    Gladiator-1910c-V-Twin-APW image posted to Comments

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