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Gobron-Minerva Motorcycles

13 quai de Boulogne, Boulogne sur Seine
The well-known French automobile manufacturer built versions of the Belgian Minerva (1903/1904).

The French 1.000 Kilometres Trials.

As the bicycles went off one could not help remarking the silence with which many of them ran. This was especially the case with the Gobron-Minerva, which is one of the most silent machines we have seen. At about half-past three they began returning, the first to arrive being Tariau (on his Bonnet), and then came the Gobron-Minerva and others at intervals of a few minutes. All had something to say about the abominable state of the road, and Doué reported passing Madame Jeanne Herveu, who told him that she had had enough of riding all alone — it was getting too monotonous. The lady evidently took the train, for she did not return by road.
The Motor Cycle, November 18th 1903

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