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Guerry Motocyclettes

Built by Guerry & Bourguignon of 116 bld de Grenelle, Paris, 1904~1907

The 1904 catalogue illustrated both motorcycles and a tri-car.

A motorcycle ridden by Charles Tarian entered the 1904 1000km Concours d'Endurance de Motocycle Club de France, gaining a diploma and a silver medal.

A later catalogue (thought to be 1906) offers machines from Guerry et Bourguignon with engines of 1 3/4, 2 1/4, 3 and 4 ch. at prices of 550 to 850 francs.

By 1914 they were only building automobiles, with seven models in the catalogue. Bourdache writes that the firm probably built cars as early as 1902, and that the first mention of motorcycles is 1904.

Sources: Bourdache p146, and in his Zhumorist blog.

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