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Jeanperrin Motocyclettes

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Manufactured by Jeanperrin Frères, Glay, 1892-1905

Louis Jeanperrin, in partnership with Adolphe Kégresse, initially built bicycles. The first motorcycles appeared in 1892, followed by automobiles two years later.

A surviving and perhaps unique example of the motorcycles has an AIV 280cc 2 h.p. vertical engine which was built in the Glay factory. It has pedals and a chain driven rear wheel, something quite uncommon until over a decade later. At least three of the cars have survived, two of which are in Swiss museums.

Jeanperrin died in an accident in 1905. His son assumed control, and the company was closed in 1910.

Kégresse went on to develop military tracked vehicles, of which much has been written.