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Jouclard Motorcycles

Manufactured in Dijon, 1903-1907.
Motorcycle engaged in Paris-Bordeaux-Paris from 1904, ridden by Jouclard.
Bourdache p437

G. Jouclard, Dijon, shows several particularly neat and well-finished motor-bicycles. They have the merit of lightness, being only 66lbs. weight complete. The motor develops 1½ b.h.p., and has a bore of 63 mm., and stroke of 65 mm. Transmission of power is by round belt. The frame is specially designed, and the motor is clamped to a bridge piece between the bracket and down tube, and placed in a vertical position. The ignition is by coil and accumulator, these being carried behind the diagonal tube. Petrol tank is placed on the rear forks. A special form of spray carburetter is used. Two brakes are fitted - a Bowden rim brake for back wheel, and tyre brake for front. Speed is controlled by advancing or retarding the ignition. The machine is claimed to be equal to a speed of 25 miles an hour. Price comes out at £ 30 only.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902. pp 346, 347