French Motorcycles

Laforge & Palmentier

35 avenue de Wagram, Paris

In 1903 the factory in Alfortville built a 2 h.p. motorcycle with pedals attached to the frame by the studs connecting the crankcase and the cylinders.

Bourdache p146

Laforge and Palmantier Freres, 33, Avenue de Wagram, Paris, make a speciality of a 2 h.p. motor-bicycle possessing some special features. The motor is placed vertically in front of the crank bracket, and is supported in a very rigid manner, the crank case and cylinder being bolted to a circular bridge piece at the end of the main tube, and also supported by a short extension piece at the bracket. The carburetter is a special form of spray. Ignition by coil and accumulator, the coil being clipped behind the diagonal. Two very good rim brakes are fitted, the rear one being a Bowden, and the front a pull-up lever. A pump lubrication system is used, and the speed of motor is controlled by spark advance and throttle. Drive is by means of a flat belt. Price £34.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 31st, 1902. Page 387