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Mecatwin Motorcycles


4 Rue Pasteur, 45200 MONTARGIS, France

The firm builds specials based on HD and Triumph, and has been operating since 1997 or earlier.

Triumph models included Bobster, Bonneville TT Speedback and Thruxton GT.

"MECATWIN is an artisan brand created in 1986 by Franck DEPOISIER. It was, at the time, a workshop (already) specialized in the preparation of extraordinary motorcycles. In 1993, a year after the revival of the TRIUMPH brand, the team grew and we produced our first limited series, the X 90, a radical roadster that will have left its mark. This model opened the doors to the TRIUMPH factory in HINCKLEY for us, for which we worked a few years later after having created X COMPANY / MECATWIN, a fully autonomous 2000m2 structure, capable of designing and producing its own models: motorcycles."

"Whether it's a custom-made motorcycle or a model from a limited series, you will never be disappointed with our work. A now international reputation, which has always allowed us to work without artifice and without advertising with a clientele generated largely by “word of mouth”. A MECATWIN MUST be superior and our motorcycles all have in common to bring a real plus in driving pleasure. To date, more than three hundred MECATWIN motorcycles have been delivered."

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